Upgrading to Shimano 105 Part I

After 6000 km on the Sora groups that came with the Felt it was time to consider a good service and replacement of worn parts.  Some careful consideration and a pretty good offer from Wiggle decided me on upgrading the bike to the Shimano 105 group set.


I also added a new Jagwire Road Pro cable set and, of course, some shiny new bar tape.  The 105 is an 11 speed version and the Felt rear wheel doesn’t take the 11 speed cassette so the wheels get replaced by a nice pair of Fulcrum Racing 3 wheels.


So ordered the lot from Wiggle and it came in at just about 800 CHF.  Estimated delivery was 6 to 8 working days.  It all arrived next day.  Wiggle are great.

So, first job is remove all the old group set and give the frame a good clean.  I have a decent set of bike tools including various special tools including pullers etc. so it wasn’t a difficult job getting everything off.  All in all it took about an hour and half and I was left with an empty frame ready to receive the new bits.  Comparing the old with the new I soon realised this was going to be a better upgrade than I’d realised.  The wheels are half the weight, the bottom bracket goes from a lumpy sealed affair to a very smart Hollowtech II, and the other parts all seem lighter and smaller than the Sora parts.

One thing the Sora shifters had, though, is a cool little indicator that lets you know which (approximate) gear you’re in.  The 105 doesn’t have that and I think the next time I’ll see that luxury will be when I get a Di2 equipped bike with the wireless add on for my Garmin.  Wishlist created.

Here’s the frame with just a couple of cables and lightweight lights to come off.


Once these last pieces were off it was thoroughly cleaned with Muckoff and then  treated with good old Shine and Protect which is just great.  It looked like it was brand new.

First piece to go on was the Hollowtech II bottom bracket.  It’s a smaller size so the bottom bracket wrench was too big but Shimano provide a plastic converter that sits on the splines and allows the wrench to be used.  I was a bit wary about getting it up to 45Nm torque using a plastic adapter but to be fair it wasn’t an issue at all.  It comes in two parts.  The drive side slides in first and goes finger tight and then the non-drive side which is basically a cap that fits over the bracket.  Once both properly installed each side is tightened to 45Nm and it’s ready to receive the 105 Crankset.


After that, time for a cup of tea.


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