Upgrading to Shimano 105 Part II

ok, so having installed the bottom bracket and torqued it up the next logical step was to insert the crank.  With this 11 speed 105 set the drive side crank is all one piece which i wasn’t sure about at first but once installed I changed my mind – it looks nice. Fitting was straightforward.  The axle comes attached to the drive side crank so it was just a matter of sliding it through the bottom bracket.  The last inch or so is stiff as it joins the sealed bearing so a few taps with a rubber mallet were needed to finish off.IMG_2539

The non-drive side fits onto the end of the axle with the standard Shimano safety fitting and it was nice to have a marker on the crank arm and axle that made it very simple to get the correct 180 degree alignment.

Next bit to go on was the front derailleur which, in this group-set, is the braze on type.  As the Felt came with a band on Sora front derailleur I needed to add a band-on adapter (the silver piece in the photo).IMG_2540

Nothing more to do on the front derailleur at this stage so on to the rear one which attaches as usual with a single bolt.IMG_2543

So both derailleurs attached and waiting for cables.  One point to note is that both derailleurs look and feel a much higher quality than the Sora versions.  It could be that the old ones were well worn but these new ones feel stiff and responsive.

The last job for this session was fitting the 11 speed cassette on to the Fulcrum rear wheel.  I made the mistake of sliding the cassette off it’s plastic carrier and dropped several cogs onto the floor and had to rebuild the thing before mounting.  This is another job you just can’t get wrong as there are different sized notches in each cog to ensure correct alignment.  I used a standard lock-ring tool and a chain whip to get the cassette mounted at the correct torque which is around 40nm.  Tea time again.IMG_2542

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