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Wahoo Fitness RFLKT

So, having discussed the shortfalls of the Garmin Edge Touring, mainly the lack of iPhone connectivity, I bought a Wahoo Fitness RFLKT.  By itself the RFLKT isn’t really a cycle computer; it has to be used with a smart phone.  iPhone works seamlessly, not sure about the level of Android support so check the latest from Wahoo before diving in.


Basically, the RFLK is a remote display for your iPhone cycling app which is a great idea.  The display is simple but effective and the CR2032 battery life is superb lasting up to a year.

Your smartphone is a very powerful mini computer so why buy another one for your bike? You can, of course, attach your phone to your bike but there are two big problems in using your phone as a bike computer: battery life and the weather.

With the RFLKT you can leave your phone with the screen off, but still use it as a bike computer. Your iPhone acts as the processor but the weather proof RFLKT becomes the display.  It’s a simple black and white display offering the basic data but no map or anything like that.

The RFLKT is small, about the size of a matchbox and weighs in around 35g and it has a good visible area as most of the front is screen. The RFLKT+ is claimed to be weather proof so no problem if it starts properly raining, assuming your phone is safe in a waterproof pouch.

You’re spoilt for choice with mounting options. Included in the box are mounts for out front, on the stem, or an adaptor for your Garmin mount. I went for the Garmin option as I could then interchange it with the Touring.


To use the RFLKT you need a cycling app.  I tried Strava to start with, as it’s my favourite, but it has a major drawback in that it’s not possible to configure the RFLKT screen.  It doesn’t display HR and that, for me, was a showstopper so I the moved onto Cyclemeter and that is a dream.

You can configure all the screens (you can scroll through a number of different screens using the buttons on the sides of the device) in terms of position and size of the data which can be arranged in boxes or rows.  In the end, for my main screen, I went for elapsed time, speed, HR, and lap timing.  Note I don’t listen to music while riding as I think it’s dangerous so since removed the iPhone playlist in the pic.  All the other data like more trip data, lap data, etc etc is available on the other screens.  It’s very flexible.


Additional data can be gained from devices (via the phone) so I also got the Wahoo Fitness Bluetooth speed and cadence sensor and, of course, my Mio Alpha HR monitor was already feedinng the phone..

You can also add a power meter but that’s too expensive for this old rider. Pairing is simple but has to be done from the app – not the iPhone Bluetooth menu.


The display is good in light but at night you may need to use the back light but, of course,  the more you use that the quicker it will drain the batteries.

The RFLKT has 4 buttons on it which turns the thing on (app must be running first), scrolls through screens and also pauses/starts recordings. The buttons can even be used to control the music playing on your iPhone. Like the screens you can configure the buttons to do different things

On a 5 hour trip with the RFLKT paired with the iPhone 5s the phone battery used about 50% which was great.  I also have a Mophie Juicepack so I could literally last for a couple of days without charging the phone. In a nutshell it’s such a simple device with benefits that far outweigh it’s price (CHF 120 from the Apple Store) or you can get it from Amazon:


  • iPhone Powered
    The Wahoo RFLKT wirelessly receives data and images from an iPhone located in the jersey pocket or saddlebag of the cyclist. Using the buttons on the side of the RFLKT, a user can control the App, change data screens, start and stop the timer, and control other App functionality such as music playback and more.
  • Sleek Profile
    Weighing in at only 2 ounces, the RFLKT measures 2.4” long by 1.6” wide by 0.5” thick.
  • Low Power
    Long-lasting, replaceable coin cell battery; no need for extra cables or recharging
  • Wireless Bluetooth 4.0 (Smart) Connectivity
    The RFLKT has simple wireless connectivity through a Bluetooth 4.0 connection
  • Weather and shock proof
    RFLKT is IPX7 certified for riding in all types of weather and on all types of terrain
  • Highest screen to computer ratio of any computer on the market
  • Three mounting option – stem, bar and quarter turn.
    Whether you are a road, mountain, or tri enthusiast, RFLKT has a mounting option for you.