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This is the temporary home of the Roaring40s Cycling Club.  The club is in formation and will move to a permanent website once the formalities and affiliations are complete.

Roaring40s is a club for amateur cyclists living in Switzerland.  It is an English speaking club which means all meetings and communications are in English but it doesn’t mean that members require any particular level of English to join.  It is not an exclusive club i.e. members of other Kantonal and Regional Clubs are welcome.

Draft Statutes

The draft statutes of the club are available in English Roaring40s Articles EN and German Roaring40s Articles DE.  An application to affiliate with Swiss Cycling, the national cycling association of Switzerland, is currently open.

Register an interest

During formation anyone interested in joining can register an interest via the contact form.

Active annual membership fees are likely to be within the CHF 50 to CHF 80 range depending on the requirements of Swiss Cycling and other formal registrations such as the Swiss Business Register (Clubs or Vereins).

Members of existing Swiss Cycling affiliated clubs will have annual  membership fees around CHF 20 to CHF 40.

There will also be passive and junior memberships at reduced rates.

Club Officers

Clubs in Switzerland have certain responsibilities and requirements set in Swiss Law and must be followed to ensure correct tax status and to open a club bank account.  The club requires as a minimum:

The Board

  • President
  • Vice President
  • Secretary
  • Treasurer

If you are interested in fulfilling one or more of these roles please indicate on the contact form.

 Note: should the affiliation with Swiss Cycling be accepted then club officers are expected to become full members of Swiss Cycling which costs CHF 75 per year.,


Two auditors who may or may not be club members are required to review and propose approval of the club accounts at the AGM.

In addition to the minimum requirements other club roles such as event organisers, regional representatives, funding officers and others will be appointed once the club is formed.

Events and Meetups

The club will arrange regional events and training and other meetups.  It will also encourage team entries in amateur Sportives and Gran Fondos.  If the affiliation with Swiss Cycling is accepted then the amateur license required for some events will be provided with membership.


It is expected that the club will evolve three sections:

  • Road (racing) bikes
  • Trekking (Hybrid) bikes
  • Mountain Bikes

However, membership will not be restricted to nor within these disciplines.

If you are interested in joining or helping to run the club then please get in touch via the contact form.


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