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This 30km circular route starting and finishing in Wattwil, SG is an ideal kick off to the season of riding over Swiss Mountain Passes.  Starting at Wattwil Railway Station the route takes us up to Lichtensteig (not to be confused with Lichtenstein) where it turns right and then straight up the Wasserfluh pass at 849m.













The gradient at the start is the steepest at 10% but this only lasts for a couple of kilometers and once over the pass it’s all downhill or flat.  The top of route is marked by the Wasserfluh garage passed on the left.


Once over this small pass the route takes in the pretty little village of Brunnadern which has both the best baker and the best butcher in Switzerland!  Bold claim but try them out for confirmation.  brunnadern


We then follow the river Necker back to the main road.  This valley is called Neckertal.  Tal is valley.  get it?  Look out for the bathing “beach” on the river at Furth just outside Necker.  This place is very popular with cyclists but can also be reached by PostBus.






It’s also worth looking out on the right as you cross the river for pome spectacular rock formations and natural gorges.


Once back on  the main road avoid the major highway roadworks (aow April 2015) by following the cycle path signs on through Bütschwil and back to Lichtensteig.  In Lichtensteig there is an amazing cheese shop with superb hand made fondue cheese.  Yes, really.

Timing for the route is around 90 mins at a leisurely pace.

This route can be downloaded as a GPX track from RideWithGPS