BA Cyclist Bob

In March 2014 I was persuaded to visit a BMC bike shop and, like you do, I was tempted into picking up an Alpine Challenge city style bike.  At a well worn 54 I wasn’t going to be breaking any records so spurned the offer of a pure road bike as I thought I’d never get the value out of it.  The AC was a previous year model and compared to the 5k to 10k bikes in there it looked like a bargain at 1200 of your Swiss franks:

BMC AC01 City Bike

A couple of 10k “introduction” rides, some cream for saddle sores,  and then straight into regular commuting from Pfaffikon, SZ to Zurich, about 30km each way.  Her indoors suggested that I might have gone mad.

6 months , 2 big crashes, 2 more bikes and some ridiculous ambition later, I have to admit insanity is probably the main driver.

This blog is about the journey which, in bike terms, currently looks like this:

bicycle stable


Some visitors may have seen the original born-again-cyclist hosted at  This is a relaunch due to having

  • frequent outages (many, many)
  • limited functionality
  • non-responsive customer support

For this reason the first few posts will unfortunately be repeats – I’ll tag them as “repost” so the reader can tell where they fit chronologically.