38. Quer durch Mostindien 2/3 May 2015

One of the Swiss Cycling Association’s Swiss Classics series, this 100km sportive is hosted by the cycle club RV Arbon which is located in Thurgau near Lake Konstanze or, to us locals, the Bodensee.  It looks like a nice intro to the season but if it’s too much for early in the year there is also the option of  62km or 46km versions which follow the same route but have short cuts across the loop.  I’ll be following the 100km route:

Arbon 100km


The route starts and finishes near the lake and the event runs on both Saturday 2nd and Sunday 3rd May 2015.  The start is not organised and participants can begin any time after 07:00.  There is no pre-registration and the cost is just 20 CHF.  There are the normal food and water stations on the route although it’s not clear of these are included or whether there will be a charge – probably best to take some cash anyway.

While not exactly flat this is not a difficult ride and involves only a couple of hundred meters climbing over the 100km.


Parking is available at the starting point at Arbon Lido (swimming place on the lake) and there are showers there too.











Luckily this is only 50 mins from where I live so nice and easy to get to.  I’m looking for a ride-buddy on this one so leave a reply if you’re interested in going or ping me on twitter or fb.

More details on the event website.


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