Monthly Archives: March 2014

20k Test Lap

So took the BMC out for a trial run and recorded it with a Garmin Edge Touring which doubles up as a compact satnav.

Fair to say I was completely knackered after that – I’m going to have to look into a heart rate monitor ‘cos something wasn’t right. I mean, I was seeing swirly things and possibly goblins at one stage.  The results are not quite honest – I had 4 drink stops on the way round and the 55 mins was just moving time.  It was more like 1 hour 15 total.

Most embarrassing moment was being passed by a little old lady on a mountain bike.  She even had the breath to be able to say hello as she went past.  If I’d had a coat with me, I’d have got it.

The highlight was coming back down hill.  The hydraulic brakes are just superb and in places I got up to 50kmph knowing I could haul anchor for the next tight corner.

I’m going to be doing some indoor fitness stuff – got an ergonometer  and a weights setup so hopefully I’ll be able to build some strength and stamina.  Hopefully.