12e Cyclotour du Léman 24th May 2015

Offering a choice of 180km, 110km, or 60km this sportive attracts over 3000 riders who cycle round Lake Geneva staying in touch with the water practically the whole way round.  I will be going for the middle ground with the 110km course.


The day starts with a boat ride across the lake which is included in the CHF 90 / Euro 72 price as are:

  • The official vest (must be worn)
  • Time-keeping
  • Boat transfer
  • Refreshments along the route
  • Medical and mechanical assistance
  • Locker rooms, shower and massage
  • Pasta party
  • Participation in competitions, numerous prizes are available (can I have a prize? can I? can I?)

Registration is via the Datasport system (website and app) which also tracks the start list and individual timings.  Unfortunately it’s not exclusive and you’ll see for other events a different system(s) has to be used.

The official vest gets you all the stuff above and is essentially the ferry ticket. If you’re feeling flush you can also order the matching bib-shorts.









This is another good sportive for early season – it’s relatively flat as you’d expect but is challenging enough if in racing mode.  Of course, it’s not officially a race.



The Cyclotour Website is also in English so lots more information can be found out there.


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